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WQARF Registry

The Water Quality Assurance Revolving Fund (WQARF) Registry lists sites in Arizona that may pose a risk to public health or the environment due to hazardous substances and have current or planned investigation and cleanup. Currently, there are 37 sites on the WQARF Registry | Download Registry Listing >

Based on the type of contamination, the contamination’s location and the number of people that may be affected, a registry site’s score can reach a maximum of 120. Whether the site is currently being remediated or investigated, ADEQ takes steps to identify the contamination and prevent exposure.

Registry Listing

Central Phoenix 

7th Avenue and Bethany Home Road | View Site > 
7th Street and Missouri Avenue | View Site >
16th Street and Camelback | View Site >
56th Street and Earll Drive | View Site >
Central and Camelback | View Site >
Estes Landfill View Site > 
West Van Buren | View Site >

East Central Phoenix 

East Central Phoenix — 24th Street and Grand Canal | View Site >
East Central Phoenix — 32nd Street and Indian School Road | View Site >
East Central Phoenix — 38th Street and Indian School Road | View Site >
East Central Phoenix — 40th Street and Osborn Road | View Site >
East Central Phoenix — 48th Street and Indian School Road | View Site >

West Central Phoenix

West Central Phoenix — East Grand Avenue | View Site >
West Central Phoenix  North Plume | View Site >
West Central Phoenix — North Canal Plume | View Site >
West Central Phoenix — West Osborn Complex | View Site >

Tucson Area
7th Street and Arizona Avenue | View Site >
Broadway-Pantano | View Site >
Harrison Road and Millmar Road Dross | View Site >
Los Reales Landfill | View Site >
Miracle Mile | View Site >
Park-Euclid | View Site >
Shannon Road/El Camino del Cerro | View Site >
Silverbell Landfill | View Site >
Stone Avenue and Grant Road | View Site >

West Valley 

Western Avenue Plume | View Site >

East Valley

Cooper Road and Commerce Avenue | View Site >
South Mesa | View Site > 

Highway 260 and Main Street | View Site >

Pinal Creek | View Site >

Klondyke Tailings Project | View Site >

Lake Havasu City
Lake Havasu Avenue and Holly Avenue | View Site >

Payson PCE | View Site >

Highway 260 and Johnson Lane | View Site >

Miller Valley Road and Hillside Avenue | View Site >

Vulture Mill Site | View Site >

20th Street and Factor Avenue | View Site >

Sites Removed from Registry

East Washington Fluff  View Site >

East Central Phoenix — 40th Street and Indian School Road | View Site >
West Central Phoenix — West Grand Avenue | View Site >

Tonto and Cherry | View Site >

Tyson Wash | View Site >

Community Advisory Boards (CABs)

Get involved with WQARFs in your area through our CAB program | Learn How >