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Environmental & Demographic Data by County

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Environmental & Demographic Data by County

Posted on: Sept. 29, 2023 - 11:00 a.m.

ADEQ has developed an online tool that provides Arizonans with environmental and demographic data for each county in the state.

Information for Each County Includes:


  • Air quality: prescribed burns and non-attainment areas for ozone, particulate matter, lead and SO2
  • Water quality: impaired waters and drinking water contaminants exceeding federal limits
  • Waste/cleanups: National Response Center (NRC) incidents, hazardous waste generators (large quantity), haz waste cleanups, superfund and voluntary cleanups, and leaking underground storage tanks (USTs)


  • total population
  • age of population
  • population by generation type (e.g., millennials, baby boomers, etc.)
  • average household annual income
  • average home value
  • percentage of households below the federal poverty line
  • race/ethnicity
  • average unemployment rate
  • voter registration
  • You can view environmental and demographic information using the tabs on the upper left. Mouse over each section to show more in-depth data and filter by county in the upper right | View Dashboard >