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Air Quality Division

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Air Quality Division

Revised on: August 17, 2023 - 1:16 am

Our Air Quality Division (AQD) protects Arizona's public health and the environment by controlling present and future sources of air pollution.

AQDs core responsibilities include Air Quality forecasting, monitoring and analyzing data, issuing air permits, compliance inspections, vehicle emissions testing, and asbestos. As well as preserving visibility in urban areas, national parks, and the wilderness. We do this work through our Air Quality Sections.

Our Air Quality Sections

Monitoring and Assessment

Monitoring and Assessment

 This section collects and evaluates Arizona air quality monitoring data and provides local air quality forecasts to the public. They accomplish this mission work within these units:

  • Air Quality Forecasting & Evaluation Unit

  • Air Quality Monitoring Unit

  • Air Quality Data Management & Quality Assurance Unit

Air Quality Improvement Planning

Air Quality Improvement Planning

This section develops State Implementation Plans (SIPs), which are comprehensive strategies that outline specific actions and regulations to achieve and maintain air quality standards. Arizona has 14 air quality planning areas, each with specific plans related to the larger SIP. They accomplish this mission work within these units:

  • Planning and Research
  • Planning and Analysis


Air Permits and Compliance Assistance

Air Permits and Compliance Assistance

Our Air Permits and Compliance Assistance section issues air quality permits to industrial facilities that emit significant quantities of air pollutants to ensure that the emissions do not harm public health or cause a significant deterioration in air quality.

Vehicle Emissions Control

Vehicle Emissions Control

In metropolitan Phoenix and Tucson, vehicle use contributes to air pollution, endangering public health. To improve conditions, AQD administers mandatory vehicle ...

Voluntary Vehicle Repair Program

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