Vehicle Emissions

Vehicle Emissions Control (VEC)

Why Emissions Testing Is Essential

The quality of the air we breathe is more important than ever. All Arizonans deserve the cleanest possible air today, for our future -- especially those with compromised health. We all can make a positive difference by the choices we make and actions we take everyday. Vehicle emissions contribute to increased levels of air pollution like man-made ozone and particulate matter (smoke and dust). And, for the millions of Arizonans who choose to own and operate motor vehicles, each plays an important role in maintaining and improving Arizona’s air quality by simply testing vehicle emissions to ensure they meet health-based standards.

As critical as the quality of air for our communities, is the health and safety of our community and customers we serve and our employees. To continue to provide exceptional service that protects public health, ADEQ has made key changes that put the health and safety of both customers and staff first as we work together to do our part for each other. ADEQ’s changes provide as safe of an emissions testing experience as possible — one that goes above and beyond CDC guidance for other essential services like grocery stores, gas stations, and drive throughs | Learn More > 

No-Contact Limited Emissions Test

To provide customers with an alternate choice for non-diesel vehicles, ADEQ can provide a No-Contact Limited Emissions Test, which is valid for one year, as opposed to two years with the OBD test.

To use the no-contact option, you will first need to pre-pay online using the following pre-payment link and then follow the instructions that will be emailed to you at the time of payment | Learn More > 

Vehicle Emissions Testing Station Locations and Information

ADEQ uses the newest testing technology and customer service measures to increase the effectiveness of emissions testing, shortening the time customers spend in line, resulting in cleaner air and better customer service. Not sure if you live in a required Emissions Testing area? You can enter your zip code and see | View Map >  

Find Emissions Testing Stations, wait times, exemptions and more | Visit >

Out-of-State and Military Emissions Testing Exemptions 

To better serve our customers and military personnel, we have removed the burden of paper forms and gone paperless for Out-of-State and Military Emissions Testing Exemptions | Learn More >

Voluntary Vehicle Repair Program (VVRP) Helps with Repair Costs When Vehicles Fail an Emissions Test

The VVRP pays up to $900 toward the cost of emissions-related vehicle repairs | Learn More >

Fleet Vehicle Emissions Testing Permit 

If you are a new or used car dealer, or own or lease a fleet of vehicles, you may apply for a Fleet Station Permit | Learn More >