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Testimonials About UST Programs

Revised On: Dec. 6, 2023 - 2:30 p.m.

ADEQ has helped owners, operators and property owners throughout the state prevent leaks and manage cleanups. Here is just some of the positive feedback ADEQ is receiving throughout Arizona:

Site Investigation & Remediation Team


"I cannot thank you enough for your marvelous support and help — it is just wonderful."


"Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to meet with us today and for sharing such helpful information about the current program options."

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State Lead Corrective Action Program


"It appears that our 10-year project is finally at its end. I appreciate how responsive ADEQ has been to each question I’ve had during this long project, and I am thankful that the job finally got done to completion."


"I write this letter to let you know how much I have appreciated working with the State Lead Unit over the past 5 ½ years.  The respect, kindness and compassion staff showed our family is a great credit to ADEQ and the State of Arizona."

"Thank you for the help cleaning up our property. You guys did a great job, and from a property owner’s perspective, we could not be any happier. You especially were always responsive and answered every question and email."

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State Lead Non-Corrective Action Program


"I appreciate the professional assistance provided by ADEQ. I appreciate the prompt removal of the USTs and am extremely pleased with the result. I did an inspection of the property and found the removal to be professionally done and the area restored."

"Thank you for including me in your environmental program. I am so pleased with the efficiency, speed, professionalism and result of your efforts. Thanks again for a job well done."


"ADEQ arranged for two very old fuel tanks to be removed from my property. I wish to express how pleased I am with the job that was done. I was amazed at how efficiently it was done — in only two days. They not only removed the tanks, they also returned the property to its former appearance. It doesn't look like the ground had ever been disturbed in any way."

"I want to thank you for removing these tanks. It has not only given me more peace of mind, but with the tanks gone, if I ever decide to sell my property, it is worth more money. Please accept my gratitude for a job well done on a project that I would imagine is greatly needed in many rural parts of the state."


"The project through this program has allowed the peace of mind and the continued financial freedom needed in these tough economic times and these already stressful later years in life. Please know that without programs such as these and the invaluable services they offer, people such as my mother would be left in extremely dire circumstances. Please continue to provide services through programs like these so that others may genuinely benefit from this assistance. The work was done quickly, far quicker than we had expected. It was efficient, professional and an overall wonderful experience."


"We did find the program beneficial. The tanks in our ground were undoubtedly an eyesore to the neighbors and a detraction to the value of our lot as well as surrounding property values. The entire process went very well. After filling out a reasonable amount of paperwork, the crews came in and left the lot looking in almost the exact same condition." 


"I would like to thank ADEQ for the UST removal on my property. The people hired by ADEQ to pull the tanks were very professional."


"After four years of submitting proof of federal income, they had some funding for rural areas, and ADEQ paid for everything."

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