Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program

Underground storage tank system illustration

UST State Lead Corrective Action Program

The State Lead Corrective Action Program helps leaking UST owners, operators and property owners with hiring and managing an environmental professional and/or paying cleanup costs.

UST Owners and Operators

Under this program, applicants are assigned an ADEQ project manager who works closely with them to conduct cleanup, and ADEQ takes care of the hiring and oversight of qualified environmental professionals.

If you are a UST owner or operator, you may request a financial need evaluation and your ability to pay will determine your shared costs. Property owners who are not also the UST owner or operator are encouraged to contact ADEQ to discuss options.

Application Process

  1. Applicant completes and submits the State Lead Program application for corrective action | Download Application >
  2. ADEQ reviews the application and contacts the applicant if any further information or clarification is required. 
  3. ADEQ notifies the applicant once the application is approved, explains next project steps and keeps the applicant informed throughout the corrective action process until the release is closed.

Property Owners Who are Not UST Owner/Operators

In the event ADEQ undertakes corrective actions on behalf of a person who is not an underground storage tank owner/operator, ADEQ has a lien on the property for the unrecovered costs associated with the corrective actions.

For sites where a petroleum release from a UST occurs, and the property owner is not the UST owner/operator, the ADEQ Director may order corrective actions if it is determined the release presents a risk to public health, safety or the environment. If the Director orders the corrective actions, ADEQ may forgo a lien on the property.

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