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Underground Storage Tank (UST) Section

UST Operations

Revised On: May 6, 2024 - 8:30 a.m.

The following information and resources are to help Underground Storage Tank (UST) owners/operators operate their facilities in compliance with environmental standards.

Operator Training

UST system owners or operators who need to complete Class A/B or Class C training can take advantage of ADEQ’s no-cost, self-paced training opportunity. A UST system must have staff who have completed the required training in order to maintain compliance | Learn More >

Financial Responsibility

Required by state and federal law, financial responsibility demonstrates that UST owners and/or operators have the capacity to cover costs related to the cleanup of leaking USTs | Learn More >

Reporting Suspected Releases

UST owners and operators are required to maintain leak detection methods to ensure their UST systems are properly maintained. If leak detection methods indicate a possible leak, UST owners and operators need to report the potential release to ADEQ | Learn More >

All (24-hour, 14-day, and 90-day) suspected release reports must be submitted using myDEQ | Learn More >

Notification Form

UST facility owners must register and provide status updates for their USTs, as well as any ownership/operator updates, using ADEQ notification forms | Learn More >

UST Tax Refund Request Claim Requirements

If you pay the UST tax, but are not liable for the tax per statute, you may be eligible for a refund | Learn More >

Service Providers for System Maintenance, Modification and Repair

Only those certified or those supervised by a certified person may perform certain categories of work on an UST system | Learn More >

Installation, Modification and Closure Plan Reviews

Prior to the new installation, modification, or closure of an UST system, the facility must submit plan review information to ADEQ to ensure that the work is conducted according to current performance standards | Learn More >

Inspections and Compliance

ADEQ conducts inspections at UST facilities, focusing on verifying leak detection equipment, spill containment, overfill protection and operator training. UST inspectors are available to help UST owners and operators understand the importance of system testing and maintenance activities that prevent releases from their UST systems. If the UST owner/operator fail to meet requirements for UST system performance or conducting adequate corrective action for a UST release, ADEQ may initiate enforcement actions that could include a delivery prohibition |  Learn More >

UST Guidance Documents and Other Resources | View >