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WQARF | WCP North Canal Plume - Hydrogeology

WCP North Canal Plume | WQARF Site

Site Hydrogeology

Revised On: Feb. 20, 2024 - 11:15 a.m.

Depth to groundwater has declined considerably in the past several years. This is attributed principally to the lining of the Grand Canal and the ongoing drought. In 1996, the depth to groundwater was approximately 70 feet below ground surface (bgs) adjacent to the canal and approximately 79 feet bgs approximately 900 feet north of the canal. By 2002, the mound had dissipated, and the depth to groundwater was approximately 120 feet bgs. Prior to lining the canal, the groundwater flow direction varied from the north to the northwest beneath the site. After lining the canal, groundwater flowed to the south beneath the site. Recent depth to water in the area was between approximately 130 feet and 157 feet bgs.