List of Proprietary Products

The list of proprietary and other reviewed products may include manufactured systems, subsystems or components within the treatment works and disposal works if the products significantly contribute to the treatment performance of the system or provide the means to overcome site limitations. The designer must select treatment systems from this list based on identified site-limiting conditions and applicant requirements.

ADEQ has reviewed the products and services based on third-party performance demonstrations and finds that, if properly installed in suitable locations and properly maintained, these products and services meet ADEQ rules of protecting public health and the environment: 

Aerobic Systems | View List >
Composting Toilets | View List >
Engineered Pad Systems | View List >
Gravelless Trench | View List > 
Nitrate-Reactive Media Filters | View List >
Peat Filters | View List > 
Septic Tanks | View List >
Textile Filters | View List >
Other Listed Products | View List >

Note that:

  • Treatment systems that were “Reauthorized November 2005” do not have specific listing certificates; they are listed as meeting the default performance requirements in rule.
  • Treatment systems that have an “Approval Certificate” may contain additional treatment performance standards and addition design or installation constraints. The designer must conform to requirements in rule and those in the Approval Certificate.
  • Systems not in the listing cannot be considered for installation in the Notice of Intent for an onsite wastewater treatment system.

Application Information

The application for new installation of proprietary products is limited to those products that have been reviewed and listed by ADEQ.1

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The Engineering Review Program charges fees for the review of product listing applications. An initial deposit of $2,000 is required to begin application review and review fees are charged at the current rate of $122 per hour, up to the maximum fee of $15,000. All outstanding fees must be paid prior to ADEQ issuing the product listing.


All product listing applications are reviewed by the Engineering Review Program located at the ADEQ Phoenix office. The submittal address is:
         Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
         Water Quality Division
         ATTN: Engineering Review Desk
         1110 W. Washington St.
         Phoenix, Arizona 85007

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