At ADEQ we believe in leveraging the power of continuous improvement. It’s how we learn, how we work, and how we bring our ideas to fruition. We never stop asking why. That’s how we accomplish our important mission of protecting and enhancing public health and the environment of Arizona.  Our vision is to be the number one state in the nation in balanced, leading-edge environmental protection; technical and operational excellence; and radical simplicity for customers and staff.

ADEQ is considered by many as a model agency in the Governor’s initiative to transform the traditional enterprise of state government. Utilizing private-sector Lean methodologies, ADEQ has honed a management philosophy that aligns with today’s pace of change. Operating at the speed of business, we are now innovative, forward-thinking and more efficient than ever before.  We are striving to evolve further, every day, and to have meaningful and continuous impact that drives more environmental Mission work for the citizens and the future of this great state.

We are looking for committed and engaged employees to help drive our agency towards accomplishing this vision. Do you think you have the combination of passion, technical and creative knowledge, skills and abilities to help drive this agency to our vision? If so, apply today!

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How We Work

Today’s ADEQ has a strong foundation upon which to build its future. Success depends heavily on its committed and engaged employees. Ours is a culture of continuous improvement, embodied in the following 10 organizational habits known as The ADEQ Way:

  1. Evaluate everything we do for its impact on the mission.
  2. Hire only those who believe in our way and have a passion for their work.
  3. Train those who cannot, replace those who will not, and promote those who excel.
  4. Never hide a problem – respect others enough to be honest, even if the truth is uncomfortable.
  5. Do not blame, but hold each other accountable.
  6. Involve end users early and often when creating or improving services.
  7. Never stop asking why.
  8. Continuously design and redesign for quality and radical simplicity.
  9. Freely discuss, promptly decide, and totally commit.
  10. Do not fear failure.