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WQARF | Cooper & Commerce - Hydrogeology

Cooper Road and Commerce Avenue | WQARF Site

Site Hydrogeology

Revised On: Feb. 20, 2024 - 1:03 p.m.

The site is located within the eastern Salt River Valley (SRV) Sub-Basin. The eastern SRV is comprised of basin-fill deposits overlain by stream alluvium (sand and gravel). Basin-fill deposits have been subdivided into upper and lower basin-fill.

The upper basin-fill is generally composed of unconsolidated to moderately consolidated alluvial deposits, grading to finer grained deposits towards the basin interior. The upper basin-fill may be as thick as 1,000 feet in the eastern SRV. Stream alluvium has been deposited by the ancestral Salt River drainage system and consists primarily of coarse unconsolidated deposits. Additionally, finer-grained flood plain deposits may be associated with the stream alluvium.

Based on monitor wells drilled near the site, it appears the stream alluvium is present to 270 feet below ground surface (bgs). Finer grained sediments of the upper basin-fill are present to a depth of at least 750 bgs. Depth to groundwater is approximately 130 feet. In the area of the site the direction of groundwater flow is usually to the west-northwest.