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Public Notice
Water Quality

On Aug. 26, 2022, the public comment period begins for the proposal to issue an Arizona Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (AZPDES) renewal permit to the City of Bisbee for the San Jose Wastewater Treatment Plant located in Cochise County, Arizona. The comment period ends Sept. 26, 2022.

Public Notice Information

AZPDES Permit No. AZ0026077

ADEQ proposes to issue an AZPDES renewal permit to discharge pollutants to Protected Surface Waters to the following applicant, subject to certain effluent limitations and special conditions:


City of Bisbee

Facility Information

The City of Bisbee applied for a renewal AZPDES permit for the proposed discharge of up to 1.22 million gallons per day (mgd) of treated domestic wastewater from the San Jose Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) to the Greenbush Draw, tributary to the San Pedro River, in the San Pedro River Basin in Township 24 S, Range 24 E, Section 17, in Cochise County, Arizona. The San Jose WWTP is a publicly owned treatment works that receives domestic wastewater from residential and commercial sources in Bisbee, Arizona. Sludge is stabilized in an aerobic digester and then dewatered for landfill disposal.

Review Documents

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You may also review the above documentation in person at the ADEQ Record Center | Learn How >

Public Comment Period 

Dates: Aug. 26, 2022 – Sept. 26, 2022

Comments may be submitted as follows:
     By Email | Send Email >
     By Mail (Must be postmarked or received by Sept. 26, 2022):

       Rachel Heinz
       Water Quality Division
       1110 W. Washington St.
       Phoenix, Arizona 85007

A public hearing request must be in writing and must include the reasons for such request.