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Public Notice

The rules listed below in Title 18 Chapter 1 of the Arizona Administrative Code concerning appeals procedures are duplicative of the statutes in Title 41, Article 10 of the Arizona Revised Statutes. The deadline for the five-year rule review report for the rules listed below is April 28, 2017. If an agency does not file a five-year rule review report with the Governor’s Regulatory Review Council for a particular rule by the required deadline, the rule(s) scheduled for review expire. ADEQ is electing not to review the following rules in Article 2 (Administrative Appeals) and is allowing them to expire on April 28, 2017 under A.R.S § 41-1056(J):

  • R18-1-201(Applicability)
  • R18-1-202 (Notice of Appeal)
  • R18-1-203 (Contested Case Procedures)
  • R18-1-204 (Record of Administrative Appeal)
  • R18-1-206 (Adjudicative Proceedings Before the Department)
  • R18-1-207 (Requests for Rehearing of Review)

These expirations are consistent with Executive Order 2017-02 Paragraph (2)(j) to eliminate rules that are redundant.