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2022 myDEQ Enhancements

Based on your valued feedback gathered during myDEQ Voice of the Customer events, ADEQ has implemented the following new features to the myDEQ online portal to improve your experience:

  • myNOTIFICATIONS — A summary of all action required alert emails sent from myDEQ will also be listed under this new tab on the dashboard.
  • myDOCUMENTS — Responsible Corporate Officer (RCO) or Delegated Responsible Officer (DRO) user roles can retrieve and download any document generated or submitted in myDEQ under this new tab on the dashboard.
  • myEMAILS — Only Submitter and Data Entry user roles can opt-out of receiving myDEQ emails when selected in mySETTINGS.
  • Self-Unlock Feature — Users can self-unlock an account via an email link when the allowed attempts to enter a correct password is surpassed.
    ​​Note: Security questions can be updated anytime in mySETTINGS.
  • Air Quality Fleet Permits — RCO or DRO user roles can purchase Certificates of Inspection (COIs) in addition to an agent.