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Ensuring Your Operator has the Correct Certification for the Facility

Knowing your system’s grade and the operator certification class your operator should hold is important to stay in compliance. To help you stay in compliance review the following:

• Your system operator, that is in direct charge, must be certified for the class of the facility and at or above the grade of your facility. (Refer to the Fig. A) | See AAC R18-5-104(A) >
• If an operator replaces an operator in direct charge of your system, the new operator must be certified for the applicable class and at or above the grade of    the facility before they begin as the system’s operator directly in charge.
• In the absence of the operator in direct charge, the operator in charge of the facility must be certified at a grade no lower than one grade below the grade    of the facility, while the system replaces the direct operator.
• All current operators of your system must be on file with the ADEQ | See Operator Certification >

Grades of Wastewater Treatment Plants and Collection Systems

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Guidance Doccument

Save a PDF version of this guidance document | Download/Print >


ADEQ would like to help your facility remain in compliance with all requirements. If you have questions, please contact the inspector who last visited your facility, or contact the manager of Inspection, Compliance and Enforcement at 602-771-4479.