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Why do I need a Type 2 Reclaimed Water General Permit for Direct Reuse of Class B+ Reclaimed Water?

This permit is for any direct reuse application of Class B and Class C reclaimed water listed in 18 A.A.C. 11, Article 3, Appendix A, if the conditions in this Article are met. This applies to activities including: surface irrigation of an orchard or vineyard, golf course irrigation, restricted access landscape irrigation, landscape impoundment, dust control, soil compaction and similar construction activities, pasture for milking animals, livestock watering (dairy animals), concrete and cement mixing, materials washing and sieving, street cleaning, pasture for non-dairy animals, livestock watering (non-dairy animals), irrigation of sod farms, irrigation of fiber, seed, forage and similar crops, and silviculture. This permit is valid for five years.

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