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APP Contingency Reporting FAQs

Will my previously submitted Contingency Reports be available in the new myDEQ Application?

No. Only incidents reported through the new application will be available for review in the application.

Will I be able to submit Accelerated Monitoring results in the new myDEQ Application?

Yes. The new application will allow you to submit the results as well as upload the associated lab report.

If there is an exceedance that is the result of an error in the lab report, should the incident be reported as an exceedance or a missed sample?

The incident should be reported as a missed sample with the “Lab Error” SMRF code selected.

For the daily monitoring parameters, if an exceedance occurred on day one and on day two there is no longer an exceedance, should this be reported to ADEQ or not?

Yes. All exceedances should be reported to ADEQ.