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Frequently Asked Questions | Proprietary Products

What does the ADEQ List of Proprietary Products exclude?

ADEQ will not list septic tanks, effluent filters or components that do not significantly affect treatment performance or provide the means to overcome site limitations.1

Are performance values assigned to products on the List of Proprietary Products?

Yes. ADEQ ensures that performance values on the list reflect the treatment performance for defined wastewater characteristics.

What additional information is provided on the List of Proprietary Products?

ADEQ includes any appropriate information on the applicability and limitations of each listed product.

Can a Notice of Intent to Discharge (NOI) application for a Type 4.23 General Permit be approved if the product is not on the ADEQ List of Proprietary Products?

No. An NOI can only be approved when the products used in the design are on the ADEQ List of Proprietary Products.

Does ADEQ endorse the products on the List of Proprietary Products?

The listing by ADEQ of any proprietary product or service is not an endorsement by ADEQ or the State of Arizona. ADEQ does not endorse, represent, guarantee, warranty or defend the use of any of the products or services. These product and service providers are a direct source unrelated to ADEQ or the State. Use of any listed product or service is at the applicants risk and the State assumes no liability.

1Pursuant to AAC R18-9-A314, unless a variance is specified. All tanks must meet design and construction requirements to be included.