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Emissions Inventories

An emissions inventory is an accounting of all air pollutant emissions actually released into the atmosphere. This accounting forms the basis for air quality planning that occurs at county, state, and national levels. Pursuant to Arizona Administrative Code (AAC), any source subject to a permit requirement must also complete and submit an annual Emissions Inventory Questionnaire to ADEQ. 

Does my Facility need to report?

Anyone who held an ADEQ air quality permit for any portion of 2020, even if it wasn’t the whole year, is subject to this requirement. If you are unsure whether or not you are required to report please contact [email protected].

Facility Emission Inventory Reporting

For the 2020 reporting year, applicable source forms (listed below) are due June 1, 2021.



  • If you did not operate for the entirety of 2020, complete the Non-Operational Form | Download >
  • Major/Title V Sources
    Major sources are required to report emissions using the State & Local Emissions Inventory System (SLEIS) | View >
  • Minor/Non-Title V Sources - Pre-Calculated Emissions Inventory    
    ADEQ prepares a recommended inventory report for its rock product general permit (crushing & screening, concrete batch plant, and hot-mix asphalt) holders based on compliance certification data they have submitted through myDEQ Emissions inventory notification letters mailed to you will contain your calculated emission totals if you have submitted the appropriate compliance certifications.
  • Minor/Non-Title V Sources - Other     
    If you didn’t receive a pre-calculated emissions inventory from ADEQ, or you believe that ADEQ’s recommended inventory report does not accurately represent your operation’s emissions, you are required to complete and submit the following minor source reporting form:
  • Minor Sources: Reporting Form (.xls) | Download >
  • Alternative PDF form for Minor Sources* | Download >

When using the PDF form, you need only to report your operational data (i.e., activity levels, throughputs, hours of operation, etc.). ADEQ will use this information to compute your emission totals. ADEQ will contact you if additional information is needed.

Emissions Inventory Training

Help Videos


ADEQ will be holding air quality workshops throughout the state. The list will be updated as new workshops are scheduled | View Workshops List >

2021 Minor Source Presentation | View/Download >
2021 Minor Source Workshop | Watch Video >
2021 Major Source Presentation | View/Download >
2021 Major Source Workshop | Watch Video >

Emission Factors

This document provides a list of the emission factors used in ADEQ’s annual emission inventory questionnaire. These emission factors can also be used to manually calculate emission totals | Download >