What is the Water Quality Improvement Grant Program?

The Water Quality Grant (WQIG) Program  funds projects that address polluted runoff, also known as “non-point source pollution.”  This type of pollution occurs when rainfall, snowmelt or irrigation picks up pollutants and carries them to rivers, lakes or groundwater. Some common pollutants in Arizona are bacteria, nutrients and sediment, with potential sources that include agriculture, forestry, grazing, septic systems, recreation, non-permitted regulated urban runoff, construction and physical changes to stream channels.

The WQIG Program allocates money from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to interested parties for implementation of nonpoint source management and watershed protection. The distribution of grant funds from the EPA is provided to help Arizona citizens achieve the goals of the Clean Water Act with the assistance from ADEQ's Water Quality Division. ADEQ uses these federal funds to implement on-the-ground water quality improvement projects to control nonpoint source pollution. The program strives to fund projects that implement economically and scientifically sound management practices that result in quantifiable improvements to surface water quality.