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Technical Assistance Program for Small Water Systems

ADEQ provides free technical, managerial and financial (TMF) assistance to small public water systems using skilled professionals. Help can be provided by experienced ADEQ staff and/or third party contractors.

On-site Technical Assistance

Below is a partial list of the types of technical assistance services that can be provided to small public water systems:

  • System evaluation with recommendations for improvement
  • Treatment selection & design
  • Operations optimization
  • Management & financial planning (e.g., budget preparation, rates analysis, board training, asset management)
  • Preparing permitting documentation
  • Planning for consolidation, acquisition and/or regionalization
  • Seeking funding for needed improvements

Is My Water System Eligible?

Community or non-profit, non-transient/non-community public water systems serving 10,000 or fewer persons are eligible for the Technical Assistance Program.

How Does It Work?

Every year, ADEQ develops the Master Priority List—a list of public water systems to contact for technical assistance. Based on each system's technical, managerial and financial capabilities, we identify problem areas that need to be addressed | Download Current Master Priority List >

Or, the water system can request technical assistance by contacting ADEQ directly or through its compliance assistance coordinator | Coordinator Contact List >

Once the need is identified, the process is as follows:

  1. A scope of work is developed for the water system
  2. Service is provided on pre-arranged dates (even on nights or weekends, depending on the system’s availability)
  3. Deliverables vary from a system evaluation and recommendations for operational improvements to design of a needed treatment system and permitting applications

What Does It Cost?

ADEQ's technical assistance services are free for participants. However, in order to improve the system's operations, some expenditures may result from implementation of program recommendations. We can help you identify potential funding opportunities, depending on improvements needed, water system type and scope of the project.

Funding Opportunities for Water Systems

The Rural Water Infrastructure Committee is comprised of state, federal, local and nonprofit entities that provide technical and financial assistance to water systems | Learn More >