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ADEQ Announces Appointees to the Arizona Recycling Advisory Committee

PHOENIX (Sept. 12, 2023) — The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) today announced the reestablishment of the Arizona Recycling Advisory Committee (ARAC), and appointment of its nine members who will play a pivotal role in expanding circular economy efforts across the state.

Committed to promoting sustainable environmental practices and waste reduction, ADEQ has reestablished ARAC to advance recycling initiatives and foster a greener future for Arizona residents. Appointees will serve for a three-year term.

“Recycling is essential to our efforts to safeguard Arizona's environment and conserve its resources,” said ADEQ Director Karen Peters. “We are excited to welcome the new members of the Arizona Recycling Advisory Committee and are confident that their collective insights will help drive sustainable changes in recycling practices statewide.”

The newly appointed ARAC members bring a diverse range of expertise and experience to the table, ensuring a comprehensive approach to decision-making as ADEQ reestablishes support mechanisms for reducing, reusing and recycling. The committee consists of representatives from various sectors including local governments, recycling and waste management industries, academia, and the community, all of whom share a common goal of promoting effective recycling practices in Arizona | Meet the ARAC members >

The primary objectives of ARAC include advising ADEQ on selection of recycling grantees, reviewing and monitoring the success of the chosen waste reduction plans, participating in ADEQ’s recycling grant program, reviewing and commenting on proposed waste reduction plans, and fostering collaboration among stakeholders to promote recycling throughout the state. By leveraging the expertise of its members, the committee will work closely with ADEQ to support strategies that encourage recycling innovation, reduce contamination, and enhance recycling infrastructure.


Beginning Fiscal Year 2024, ADEQ is re-establishing its annual recycling grant program, which supports work on recycling projects that reduce materials going to the landfill and encourages circular economy work to maintain materials at their highest value. State recycling grants can be used to purchase infrastructure, develop outreach and education programs and support recycling research and development.

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