Operator Certificate Management

An operator certificate is active for three years. Once the certificate expires, 90 days are given to upload 30 Professional Development Hours (PDHs) and make payment using the online portal. After 90 days, the certificate(s) become inactive and testing is required for reactivation. Contact the Operator Certification Program for an approval letter if you are re-testing at a grade two or higher. Passing an exam does not renew other certificates you may have.

If you have recently moved, changed email addresses, started a new job or retired from your job, please submit an update via the Operator Certification Portal.

Program Fees: 

  • One Certificate Renewal – $150.00
  • Two Certificates Renewal – $200.00 
  • Three Certificates Renewal – $250.00 
  • Four Certificates Renewal – $300.00
  • Reciprocity Application Review –$250.00
  • New Certificate –$65.00 (per certificate)
Certificate Renewal

 You must have earned at least 30 PDHs within your three-year certificate timeframe for renewal.  Your three-year certificate timeframe is your expiration date minus three years. You can renew certificates using the Operator Certification Portal.

Obtaining Certificate Copies

Obtain copies of your certificate by logging in to the Operator Certification Portal. Current or potential employers may contact the Operator Certification Program directly to verify operator certification | Email >

ADEQ will recognize certifications obtained from other jurisdictions.

To receive reciprocity:

  • Demonstrate that you have passed an examination that is equivalent to those administered by ADEQ-approved testers
  • Log in to the Operator Certification Portal to submit your current active certificate information and the $250 application fee

 Operator Certification Portal | Visit Portal >