Why do I need a Recycled Water Individual Permit?

The Recycled Water Individual Permit is required for use of any recycled water that cannot be regulated under any of the Recycled Water General Permit categories.

For example, direct potable water reuse is regulated under individual permits. The interim rules regulating direct potable reuse are currently under review | Learn More >

As another example, an individual permit is required for the reuse of industrial reclaimed wastewater that contains a component of sewage, or is used in processing any crop or substance that may be used as human or animal food. This permit does not apply to industrial wastewater that is recycled and used in industrial processes. Rather, this permit applies where industrial wastewater is provided for a reuse application that is beyond the normal industrial process. No permit is required if the use of industrial wastewater, reclaimed water, or both, is used in a workplace subject to a federal program that protects workers from workplace exposures, and those exposures are the only potential concern (e.g., Occupational Safety and Health Administration). This permit is valid for five years.

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