Leaf Blowers Usage | State Laws and City Ordinance

ARS 49-457.01 is a state law that pertains to leaf blower use and states:

Leaf blower use restrictions and training; leaf blower equipment sellers; informational material; outreach; applicability

  • Applies to county with 2 million+ people that is designated nonattainment or maintenance for Serious PM10 (in Arizona this is limited to Maricopa County, which is a Serious PM10 nonattainment area)
  • No person (public or private) can blow debris into public roadways
  • No person can use leaf blowers except on stabilized surfaces (as defined in statute)

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ARS 9-500.04 is a state law that pertains to air quality control area which is: 

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  • No city/town employees or city/town contractors can operate leaf blowers on a High Pollution Advisory Day

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Maricopa County has ordinance P-25 regarding the use of leaf blowers:

The Maricopa County Air Quality Department (MCAQD) has jurisdiction over pollution sources within the boundary of Maricopa County | Learn More about P-25 >