myDEQ | User Roles Defined

The following is a listing of myDEQ user roles:

Responsible Corporate Officer (RCO)
The RCO is the main account holder with the ability to manage one or more companies. The RCO has the authority to legally bind the organization and is responsible for certifying the Subscriber/Signature Agreement and submitting all the necessary documents for setting up a myDEQ account. An RCO can delegate their authority for each of their company by adding one or more Delegated Responsible Officers (DROs) to their myDEQ account.

Delegated Responsible Officer (DRO)
A DRO acts on the behalf of the Responsible Corporate Officer (RCO) to assist overseeing all myDEQ account activities. The RCO receives email records of all myDEQ activities certified by the DRO and assumes all responsibilities for any and all activities completed within their myDEQ account.

The RCO or DRO can assign a Submitter to submit compliance reports on their behalf for any permit they choose to allow.

Data Entry
The RCO or DRO can assign a Data Entry user to prepare permit/registration applications for the RCO and/or DRO to review and submit to ADEQ. A Data Entry user can also prepare compliance reporting data for the Submitter, DRO or RCO to view and submit to ADEQ.