PUBLIC NOTICE | Proposed Leaking UST Case Cleanup for Dockside Mini Mart LUST Case File No. 5603.01

ADEQ is providing notice, in accordance with Arizona Administrative Code (AAC) R18-12-264.01, that a Revised Corrective Action Plan (CAP) dated July 8, 2016, has been submitted to ADEQ. The CAP contains a proposal to clean up petroleum contamination from an underground storage tank system at the following facility:

LUST Case File No.: 5603.01      

Facility ID No.: 0-004141
Mohave County

Facility address: 
Dockside Mini Mart
416 Hancock Road
Bullhead City, AZ 86442

Proposed activities include the following technologies for obtaining cleanup levels that are protective of public health, welfare and the environment:

Contaminated groundwater will be treated using ISCO by injecting a sodium persulfate based product (PersulfOx®) into the affected well(s) and directly into the formation. ISCO breaks down petroleum-related chemicals of concern (COCs) through abiotic chemical oxidation reactions.

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Public Comment Period 

Dates: Sept. 12, 2016  Oct. 12, 2016

Comments may be submitted as follows:
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     By Mail (Must be postmarked by Oct. 12, 2016):

       Tiffany Yee
       Waste Programs Division
       1110 W. Washington Street
       Phoenix, AZ  85007 

If sufficient public interest is demonstrated during the public comment period, ADEQ may hold a public meeting in accordance with AAC R18-12-264.01(C). If a public meeting is held, ADEQ schedules and notifies the public (in accordance with AAC R18-12-264.01(A)) of the meeting time and location. 

You may also review the above documentation in person at the ADEQ Record Center, Monday  Friday, 8:30 a.m.  4:30 p.m., by calling 602-771-4380 or by emailing Please contact the Record Center 48 hours in advance to schedule a file review appointment.