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WQARF | Western Avenue Plume - Hydrogeology

Western Avenue Plume | WQARF Site

Site Hydrogeology

Revised On: Feb. 10, 2024 - 12:43 p.m.

Groundwater beneath the site exists in three units termed Subunit A, Subunit B, and Subunit C. The site is concerned with the PCE contaminated groundwater that exists in Subunit A. Subunit A consists of alluvial sediments located between the ground surface and approximately 130 feet below ground surface (bgs). Subunit B consists of a thick clay layer and underlays Subunit A. Subunit C consists of alluvial sediments and is believed to exist between approximately 240 and 360 feet bgs.

Groundwater flow is generally to the west. The depth to water in August 2007 ranged from approximately 61 to 72 feet bgs. Water levels are currently nine to 16 feet lower than the highest levels in early 2001. A groundwater divide appears to be present at the site with groundwater flowing to the northwest, north of Well MW-7 and southwest, south of Well MW-7.