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UST Financial Responsibility Overview

Revised On: Nov. 29, 2023 - 9:00 a.m.

Why is financial responsibility important? 

Having financial responsibility in place puts underground storage tank (UST) owners and operators in compliance with state and federal environmental regulations and provides their business with protection in the event of an accidental release from their UST system. Maintaining insurance for your system can lower the risk of having to use business funds for pulling or replacing old tanks or cleaning up leaks.

Proof of financial responsibility is required to obtain financial aid through programs like our Preapproval Program, which provides financial assistance for corrective action costs not covered by some form of financial assurance | Learn about Preapproval >

How to Demonstrate Financial Responsibility | Learn More > | View/Download myDEQ User Guide >

What if I have a suspected or confirmed release (leak)? 

Suspected releases should be immediately reported to your insurance company, as delays in reporting may result in claim denial. All progress regarding the status of your release should also be promptly reported. If the release is confirmed, immediately file a claim with your insurance company (most insurance companies require immediate written notice of confirmed leaks).

What am I responsible for? 

While environmental professionals and insurance agents may assist customers with submitting documentation, it is the UST owner/operator's responsibility to ensure financial responsibility and regulatory requirements are met. This includes submitting annual documentation, reporting suspected releases, filing claims and written notice of confirmed releases, fulfilling requirements for corrective actions, and otherwise ensuring tanks operate in compliance with UST regulations | Submit FR Documents in myDEQ > | myDEQ FR User Guide >

Regular UST Testing 

The best way to ensure your tanks are working properly and reduce long-term costs is to test and inspect your tank system regularly. Regular testing and system inspection can prevent lost business due to tank compliance and/or environmental contamination issues. 

UST Compliance and Inspections | Visit Page >

UST Operator Training | Visit Page >

What if my UST system has multiple owners or operators? 

In some instances there may be a UST system owned and operated by separate parties. To avoid confusion and errors when submitting financial responsibility information to ADEQ, make sure all parties are involved and aware | View Guidance for Multi-Company Sites >

Have questions? 

Contact our team (information is in the "Contact Us" sidebar menu). You can also view answers to some frequently asked questions and watch the UST video playlist | View FAQs > | View Video Playlist >

UST Reporting in myDEQ

Submit UST notification forms, insurance documents and more, at your convenience, 24/7 | Log In To myDEQ >

Renewing UST financial responsibility? Watch Video For Tips:

Video | Renewing UST financial responsibility

Financial Responsibility Liaison
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UST Hotline
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