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Recycling Program

Municipal Recycling Data

Revised On: May 30, 2024 - 2:30 p.m.

ADEQ has developed an interactive Recycling Dashboard that tracks recycling data for municipalities, counties and Tribes. Although Arizona does not mandate recycling reporting, ADEQ captures voluntarily reported recycling data. This data can help illustrate recycling market development; the economic, environmental and social benefits that come with increased recycling; how the Recycling Fund can support recycling in Arizona; and the efficacy of recycling efforts throughout the state | View Recycling Dashboard > 

How to Use the Recycling Dashboard

To search the Recycling Dashboard, expand the filters menu by clicking the small white box with a right arrow to the left of the map. Then, you can filter the data by city/town, county, non-profit or Tribal Nation, which will display on the map based on your selection(s). For example:

  • If you are looking for city/town-specific data, select the “city/town” filter (Filter by Organization Type), and click desired locations on the map to display the municipality's recycling data.
  • If you are looking for county-specific data, select the “county” filter (Filter by Organization Type), and click the desired county on the map to display the county's recycling data.

Leaving all filters unselected provides a comprehensive overview of recycling in Arizona. Areas visible on the map screen will calculate totals, which can be adjusted by using the zoom tools on the map to target a preferred search range.

Following, you can find historical recycling data, which will be represented and maintained within the Recycling Dashboard moving forward.

Municipal Recycling Data

2013 | View Data >  

2014 | View Data >  

2015 | View Data >

2016 | View Data > 

2017 | View Data >

2018 | View Data > 

2019 | View Data >

2020 | View Data >

2021 | View Data >

2022 | View Data >