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WPD | Hazardous Waste - P2 Program

WPD | Hazardous Waste Section

Pollution Prevention (P2)Program

Revised On: Nov. 26, 2023 - 11:30 a.m.

Pollution prevention (P2) is the reduction or elimination of pollution. Pollution is anything that makes land, water, air, etc., dirty and not safe or suitable to use.

P2 involves a wide array of opportunities for both businesses and private residences. The best way to reduce pollution is to avoid creating it in the first place, also known as “source reduction.” If that is not possible, other pollution reduction options include recycling or reusing waste products. P2 in Arizona can include any of the following activities:

  • Source reduction
  • Reducing the use of toxic chemicals
  • Recycling wastes or materials in the wastes
  • Reusing materials
  • Recovering usable materials from waste
  • Conservation
  • Substituting toxic chemicals for safer chemicals

Find more ways to prevent pollution at home by visiting ADEQ’s P2 House | View Now >