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Public Notice
Waste Division

ADEQ has made a determination that no further remedial action is necessary at the West Central Phoenix (WCP) West Grand Avenue (WGA) Water Quality Assurance Revolving Fund (WQARF) Site in Phoenix, Arizona (“Site”) and has removed the Site from the WQARF Registry.1 ADEQ has prepared a record of decision (ROD) closeout report which contains the basis for why continued implementation of the ROD is no longer necessary.


The WCP WGA WQARF Site consisted of a plume located in Phoenix, Arizona. The plume boundaries were defined by the areal extent of the former trichloroethene (TCE) groundwater plume, which was bounded approximately by Osborn Road to the north, Earll Drive to the south, 33rd Avenue to the east and 35th Avenue to the west. The Site boundaries provide the estimated extent of previously known contamination where concentrations of TCE in the groundwater were greater than the Aquifer Water Quality Standard (AWQS) of 5 micrograms per Liter (µg/L). The Site was added to the WQARF Registry in April 1998.

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