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Public Notice
Waste Division

ADEQ has completed the following two reports for the East Central Phoenix 40th Street and Osborn Road Water Quality Assurance Revolving Fund (WQARF) site located in Phoenix:

  1. The final remedial investigation (RI) report (Arizona Administrative Code R18-16-406(J)). An RI is conducted to document the nature and extent of the contamination and the sources thereof; identify current and potential impacts to public health, welfare, and the environment; identify current and reasonably foreseeable uses of land and waters of the state; and obtain and evaluate any other information necessary for identification and comparison of alternative remedial actions. The final RI report includes the final remedial objectives report and responsiveness summaries regarding comments, issues and concerns raised during the community involvement process.
  2. The feasibility study (FS) work plan to implement the FS (Arizona Administrative Code R18-16-404(C)(1)(d)). An FS is conducted to identify a reference remedy and alternative remedies that appear to be capable of achieving established remedial objectives and to evaluate them based on the comparison criteria to select a remedy.

Site Information

The East Central Phoenix 40th Street and Osborn Road WQARF site consists of a plume bounded approximately by East Fairmont Avenue to the north, East Hubbell Street to the south, 42th Street to the east and 25th Street to the west.  The contaminant of concern at the site is tetrachloroethene (PCE).

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