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Hazardous Waste Compliance Assistance | Container Management

Choose Compatible Containers

Before storing hazardous waste, ensure containers are clean and compatible with the hazardous waste contents. This means the container is made of, or lined with, a material that will not react to, corrode or decay when filled with the hazardous waste. For example, different size plastic and steel containers, IBC tote, super sack, etc.

Learn more about incompatible wastes | View 40 CFR § 265.172 > | View 40 CFR § 265.177 >

Properly Close, Label & Date Containers

In accumulation areas:

  • Keep containers closed, unless you are actively adding or removing waste
  • Label each container containing hazardous waste, at minimum, with:

​- The words "Hazardous Waste"
- Accumulation start date
- Indication of the contents, including:

  • The applicable hazardous waste characteristics (i.e., ignitable, corrosive, reactive, toxic)
  • Hazard communication labeling/placarding consistent with DOT requirements1
  • Hazard statement/pictogram consistent with OSHA Hazard Communication Standard2
  • A chemical hazard label consistent with the National Fire Protection Association code 704