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Federal Water Standards Exceedance Report

What is an exceedance ?

An exceedance is when the monitoring level(s) are above Federal Drinking Water Quality Standards for that contaminate. When a water system has an exceedance the system will issue a public notice explaining what the health risks are and how to reduce these risks 

What do the different statuses mean on the Exceedance Report? 

Following is list of Corrective Action statuses that appear on the exceedance report to help explain what ADEQ and/or the drinking water system are doing to resolve the issue:

  • ADEQ Providing Compliance/Technical Assistance — ADEQ is assisting the facility with the legal and/or technical requirements in order to be in compliance with state and federal regulations.
  • ADEQ/Facility Collecting Additional Samples — ADEQ or the facility are collecting additional samples to determine if the exceedance is a recurring or single event.
  • Facility Notified of Potential Deficiencies — ADEQ has informed the facility that they have an exceedance of a permit limit or surface water standard (i.e., via myDEQ report and/or phone call/email)
  • Facility Notified of Alleged Violations — The facility has received a Notice of Violation or Notice of Opportunity to Correct Deficiencies from ADEQ or delegated authority for exceeding a permit limit or surface water standard.
  • ADEQ/Facility Agree Upon Path Forward — ADEQ and the facility have entered into a formal agreement which puts them on a path to return to compliance (i.e., Consent Order or Consent Judgment).
  • Facility Improvement in Process — A structural, treatment and/or operational improvement is currently being implemented at the facility.
  • Compliance/Technical Assistance Was Unsuccessful — The issue is elevated to ADEQ leadership and the water system to seek additional compliance/technical assistance with the goal of helping the water system return to compliance with state and federal regulations.