Pollution Prevention

Water | P2 Planning Toolkit

These resources and tips are for any facility looking to reduce water usage or pollution.

Quick Tips to Reduce Water Use

  • Look for opportunities for closed-loop wastewater recycling systems
  • Optimize basin clean-outs
  • Assess whether pH balancing wastewater streams for reuse is feasible

ADEQ Resources

Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP) Fact Sheets | Visit Page >
These fact sheets can help you determine if there are specific permitting requirements for your business. The key to compliance with the MSGP is to keep pollutants out of stormwater through the use of proper P2 practices. These practices, or control measures, are site-specific and based on the nature of the activities and types of pollutants potentially exposed to and transported by stormwater.

EPA Resources

WaterSense | Visit Page >
EPA’s WaterSense Program provides information and strategies for saving money and water that can help you manage your facility’s water use.