Pollution Prevention

Specific Sectors | P2 Planning Toolkit

These resources and tips are primarily aimed at specific industries, or databases where you can find specific process opportunities.

Quick Tips

  1. Look up the best management practices for your processes to better optimize the facility
  2. Change production scheduling to minimize feedstock changeovers
  3. Test expired materials and continue to use them if effective

ADEQ Resources

P2 Resource Summaries | View List of Sector-Specific Summaries >
These summaries help identify P2 opportunities in relation to a variety of industries/topics (e.g., manufacturing, hospitality, food service, etc.).

EPA Resources

P2 Case Studies | Visit Page >
Pollution prevention, E3: Economy, Energy, and Environment, and Green Suppliers Network case studies compiled by the EPA to be searchable via keyword, title, year, sector and processes used in achieving P2 results.

TRI Pollution Prevention Database Search | Search Database >
This database allows you to search through P2 activities reported on TRI forms, searchable via chemical, industry and year.

TRI Industry Profile | Visit Page >
With the TRI P2 Industry Profile Dashboard, you can quickly and easily filter TRI data for specific industry sectors. See the source reduction tab to see what P2 activities were completed for specific industries or chemicals.

P2 Publications for Businesses | Visit Page >
EPA has compiled many guidance documents on creating P2 plans, maintaining the P2 plan and industry-specific suggestions or best management practices.

Green Chemistry | Visit Page >
Green chemistry is a facet of source reduction. The resources provided here may help your business reduce toxic substance usage or hazardous waste generation during the planning and design stage.

Other Resources

P2 Infohouse | Visit Page >
The Pollution Prevention Services Infohouse is a searchable online collection of more than 50,000 P2 related publications, fact sheets, case studies and technical reports.