PUBLIC NOTICE | Proposed Termination of Approved Corrective Action Plan for LUST Case File No. 3215.01 and 3215.02

ADEQ is providing notice that a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) is being considered for termination under Arizona Administrative Code (AAC) R18-12-263.02(J). The CAP contained a proposal to demonstrate proposed corrective actions would be protective of public health, welfare and the environment for the following site:

LUST Case File Nos.: 3215.01      Premium unleaded gasoline produce piping
                                       3215.02      Premium unleaded gasoline produce piping
Facility ID No.: 0-000648
La Paz County

Facility address: 
Quik Check Market
26 W. Main Street
Quartzite, AZ 85346

ADEQ has decided to terminate the CAP based on the following rationale:

The most recent report submitted and titled Periodic Site Status Report, which was received on Dec. 16, 2015, indicated that current site conditions are not optimal to effectively remediate the site using monitored natural attenuation. Therefore, the approved remedial method in the CAP is no longer applicable. 

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Public Comment Period 

Dates: July 29, 2016  Aug. 29, 2016

Comments may be submitted as follows:
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     By Mail (Must be postmarked by Aug. 29, 2016):

       Tiffany Yee
       Waste Programs Division
       1110 W. Washington Street
       Phoenix, AZ  85007 

If sufficient public interest is demonstrated during the public comment period, ADEQ may hold a public meeting in accordance with AAC R18-12-264.01(C). If a public meeting is held, ADEQ schedules and notifies the public (in accordance with AAC R18-12-264.01(A)) of the meeting time and location. 

You may also review the above documentation in person at the ADEQ Record Center, Monday  Friday, 8:30 a.m.  4:30 p.m., by calling 602-771-4380 or emailing [email protected]. Please contact the Record Center 48 hours in advance to schedule a file review appointment.