PUBLIC NOTICE | Call for Comments on the Proposed 2018 Impaired Waters List

ADEQ invites stakeholders to review and provide comments on the proposed 2018 303(d) List of Impaired Waters. The List of Impaired Waters provides a list of Arizona lakes and streams that do not meet water quality standards and includes waters that were listed in the 2016 List of Impaired Waters minus waters that can be delisted. The 2016 List of Impaired Waters can be found in the ADEQ 2016 Clean Water Act Assessement. The 2018 List of Impaired Waters does not include new impairments. A full assessment of Arizona’s lakes and streams including identifying new impairments will be completed as part of the 2020 assessment after the completion of an assessment calculator. The new assessment calculator will speed up the comparison of water quality data to standards and will provide detailed information about what additional information is needed to make impairment and attainment decisions for Arizona’s lakes and streams.
Review Documents
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Public Comments

Begin Date: April 12, 2018
End Date: May 12, 2018

Please submit your comments via e-mail or mail and include your name, mailing address, and if available, e-mail address. Submit comments as follows:

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 By Mail (Must be postmarked by  May 12, 2018)

       Jason Jones
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