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Tue Aug 16 10:09:12 MST 2011

Dear Valued Customer:


ADEQ was granted authority to establish fees for permits under the
Arizona Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (AZPDES) program. New fee
rules took effect July 1, 2011. ADEQ has established flat rate fees for
the AZPDES Stormwater Construction General Permit based on the amount of
acreage disturbed. Starting July 1, 2011 an initial fee is due when
submitting the Notice of Intent (NOI), and an annual fee is required
every year until the permittee files a Notice of Termination, as
prescribed in the permit. If you obtained coverage for this permit
before July 1, 2011, you will not be assessed the initial fee, but you
will be assessed an annual fee for each year of coverage, beginning July
1, 2011. ADEQ will send you an invoice about one month before the
anniversary date of your Authorization to Discharge (the date your NOI
was authorized.) 


To check if you have an open NOI, please see ADEQ's website at:


For additional information on the fees, please see ADEQ's website at:



Christopher M. Henninger, Supervisor

Stormwater and General Permits Unit

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

Direct (602) 771-4508


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