Papago Park Military Reservation

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Action Taken

In 2016, the second Five Year Review (FYR) was conducted for the Former Skeet Range (Site S). The remedy at Site S was determined protective of human health and the environment. There are currently no complete ecological exposure pathways and the remedy LUCs and access controls prevents unacceptable exposures by restricting residential use in Site S. As part of the second FYR, a Natural and Cultural Resource Assessment was completed to determine if there are sensitive receptors or habitats present at the site. An updated Human Health Risk Assessment for lead and PAHs was also included as part of the second FYR.


Petroleum product release issues are administered under ADEQ’s underground storage tank program. In 2012, remedial activities moved forward at an underground storage tank release site. Site S is subject to programmatic five year reviews which are reviewed by ADEQ. The next five year review is expected to be submitted to ADEQ for review early 2021.