Air Quality Voluntary Programs

ADEQ supports and implements various voluntary programs and projects to explore solutions to air quality problems and protect public health and the environment. These efforts complement existing regulation to improve air quality in Arizona and operate in collaboration with other air monitoring agencies, state and local government, industry, co-ops and other partners.

Interested in helping? See the following programs and projects to learn more about how individuals, businesses, schools and other organizations can help us achieve the health, economic and environmental benefits that come with improved air quality. 

Air Quality Flag Program

Brightly colored flags raise awareness of air quality conditions within the community.

Fly a flag at your school, business or organization  | Learn More >

Idle Reduction Program 

Helps school districts implement smart idling practices to better protect children's health by improving air quality around schools, plus saves money on fuel and wear-and-tear on engines.

Taking Part, Idling Smart | Learn More >

Lawn and Garden Emission Reduction Program

Trade in your gasoline-powered lawn and garden equipment for a voucher toward the purchase of an electric alternative (available only in Maricopa County and Pima County) | Learn More >

Voluntary Vehicle Repair Program 

Failed emissions? We can help! 

We can help pay a portion of your vehicle emissions-related repair costs | Learn More >

Dust Stabilization Project

An environmentally friendly product binds together loose soil to reduce the potential of blowing dust that can impact travel along Arizona roadways, potentially causing serious, even deadly, crashes. 

More than 150 acres have been treated since 2017 | Learn More >