Dust Risk-Based Forecast | Maricopa County


Stagnation: Morning and evening stagnation

Wind: Mostly light winds


Stagnation: Morning stagnation

Wind: West-southwest winds of 10-15 mph in the afternoon, higher gusts possible


Stagnation: Morning stagnation

Wind: North-northeast winds of 10-15 mph late afternon and evening, higher gusts possible


Stagnation: Evening stagnation

Wind: North-northeast winds of 5-15 mph in the morning, becoming light in the afternoon


Stagnation: Morning and evening stagnation

Wind: Mostly light winds

Forecast Discussion:

This Valley's first major cooldown of the season is coming! High pressure over Arizona today will give way to a pair of low pressure waves set to impact the state over the weekend and into next week. The Valley will have to endure one more day of highs in the low 90s (today--Friday) before they gradually fall into the 80s over the weekend and then plunge into the low 70s by Monday. This change in the temperature will also be accompanied by breezy conditions (Sunday and Monday) and even--believe it or not--rain chances (Monday).

In regards to PM-10 (dust), the West 43rd monitor saw a high Air Quality Index (AQI) value again (81 AQI). A Moderate risk is in place for today because of stagnant morning and evening conditions.

Over the weekend, the dust risk has been brought down to Low since industrial and/or local activity typically decreases. However, we can't rule out the possibility of dust being kicked up by breezy winds on Sunday.

Then, on Monday and Tuesday, the dust risk is forecast in the Low category because of winds helping to decrease stagnation in the Monday night-Tuesday morning timeframe. But by Wednesday, the risk is Moderate again because of increased stagnation.

- M. Graves
ADEQ Meteorologist