Engineering Review | Point-of-Use Drinking Water Review Application Information

Approval to Install and Approval of Installation

The Completeness Review Guide for Engineering Review (Form 222) provides a quick overview of the requirements for application submittals for Point-of-Use systems. The design review of Point-of-Use systems is conducted by the ADEQ Phoenix Office, except in Maricopa County where design review is conducted by the Maricopa County Environmental Services Department .

The primary components necessary for application per Form 222 are as follows:

Approval to Install Certificate

  • Point-of-Use System Plans
  • Application form
  • Design Report

Approval of Installation Certificate

  • As-built Plans
  • Engineer's Certificate of Completion
  • Brochures

View Form 222 for details | Download >

Design Standards

Several materials, construction and testing standards are referenced by rule and bulletins for Point-of-Use installations. Following are some commonly utilized standards (but not all referenced by rule).

ADEQ Point-of-Use Guidance Document | Download >
Maricopa Association of Governments: Standard Specifications & Details Committee | View Website >
Pima County/City of Tucson Standard Details | View Website >