Lawn and Garden Emission Reduction Programs

To improve air quality and reduce air pollution produced by gasoline-powered lawn and garden equipment, ADEQ has partnered with the Maricopa County Air Quality Department (MCAQD) and the Pima County Department of Environmental Quality (PDEQ) to launch lawn and garden emission reduction programs. 

These programs provide residents of Maricopa and Pima Counties the opportunity to trade in their gasoline-powered lawn and garden equipment for a voucher of up to $150 toward the purchase of an electric alternative.

What are the health effects of lawn and garden equipment pollution?

Gasoline-powered lawn and garden equipment is a source of criteria air pollutant emissions such as particulate matter (PM), ground level ozone (formed by volatile organic compounds and oxides of nitrogen in the presence of sunlight) and carbon monoxide (CO). According to the EPA, these pollutants can cause or contribute to a number of adverse health effects, including heart attack, stroke, congestive heart failure, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and cancer. Switching from gasoline-powered equipment to electric-powered equipment can reduce these localized emissions and help improve air quality.

How do I participate?

For participation information and to learn more about the programs, visit the following county air quality department webpages:

Maricopa County | Mowing Down Pollution Program >

Pima County | Cut Down Pollution Program >