Pollution Prevention

Hazardous Waste | P2 Planning Toolkit

These resources and tips are for generators of hazardous waste.

Quick Tips

  1. Review if hazardous waste determinations are accurate for each waste stream.
  2. Inventory management practices, such as first-in first-out and need based purchasing, can reduce the amount of hazardous waste expiring/needing to be disposed of.
  3. Search for opportunities where third parties can use your waste stream as a feed product.

ADEQ Resources

Hazardous Waste Compliance Assistance | Visit Page >
Templates and guidance to help properly manage hazardous waste.

Common Violations & How to Prevent Them | Visit Page >
A list of common violations among hazardous waste generators that can help you to prevent them and reduce wastes.

EPA Resources

EPA Hazardous Waste Recycling | Visit Page >
An overview of hazardous waste recycling that includes what it is, how you can benefit and applicable regulations.