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Energy Conservation

Save energy and money by implementing simple changes from turning off lights or installing occupancy sensors to benchmarking your energy. See the following links for more information:

  • Build an energy program; don’t reinvent the wheel. Use the available energy resources from Energy Star to start developing your program | Learn More >
  • Energy Star Portfolio Manager is an online tool to help you measure energy and water use as well as greenhouse gas emissions at your facility | Learn More >

Reducing Packaging and Container Waste

Use the proper quality, packaging material and size for the specific need. Design efficient packaging with minimal material that is strong and durable. Reuse packaging material such as crates and boxes whenever possible.

Request that your customer return material to you in the same packaging box or crate received from your company, when possible. Determine if you can return containers to the manufacturer such as empty totes or drums.

Verify compliance with transportation regulations and the hazardous waste and wastewater regulations related to washing or rinsing containers.

Additional Resources

  • Arizona Recycling Locator | Go to Page >
  • Energy Star's Energy Treasure Hunt Guide: Simple Steps to Finding Energy Savings | View PDF > 
  • Energy Star's Energy Use in Non-Refrigerated Warehouses | View PDF >