AZSERC Tier 2 Chemical Inventory Reporting

AZSERCs Tier 2 Chemical Inventory Reporting System was developed to keep an inventory of all chemicals stored in commercial and government buildings. The system can be accessed on location in the event of a fire or natural disaster so that emergency response teams can be adequately informed about chemicals that may be inside the facility. Optimal web browsers for this database are Chrome and Firefox. 

Chemical Reporting Fees

Each owner or operator of a facility required to file a Tier 2 Report is subject to a $75 filing fee for the first report and an additional $20 fee for each additional report, up to a limit of $500 per annual reporting period.

To submit fees, make checks payable to "State of Arizona - AZSERC" and mail to:
Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
P.O. Box 18228
Phoenix, AZ 85005

Reporting Due Date

Tier 2 reports and fees are due annually, by March 1.


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