WQARF- Public Notice | Public Meeting Archives

Publication Date: 07/17/18

PUBLIC NOTICE | Availability of the Record of Decision (ROD) for the Western Avenue Plume WQARF Site

Publication Date: 06/29/18

PRESS RELEASE | ADEQ Completes Remedial Action for Polluted Soil and Groundwater near 38th Street and Indian School in Phoenix

Publication Date: 06/29/18

PUBLIC NOTICE | Notice of FS Availability and Removal from Registry for East Central Phoenix 38th Street and Indian School Road WQARF Site

Publication Date: 07/17/18

PUBLIC MEETING | Shannon Road/El Camino del Cerro CAB Meeting

Publication Date: 07/10/18

PUBLIC MEETING | Highway 260 and Main Street CAB Meeting

Publication Date: 05/25/18

PUBLIC NOTICE | Record of Decision for Klondyke Tailings Project WQARF Site

Publication Date: 03/23/18

PUBLIC NOTICE | Notice of Availability of Feasibility Study for Harrison Road and Millmar Road Dross WQARF Site

Publication Date: 02/26/18

PUBLIC NOTICE | Record of Decision for 20th Street and Factor Avenue WQARF Site Now Available

Publication Date: 02/20/18

PUBLIC NOTICE | Notice of Hazardous Substance Listing & Availability of WQARF Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study for Lake Havasu Avenue and Holly Avenue

Publication Date: 01/25/18

PUBLIC NOTICE | Availability of West Central Phoenix North Canal Plume WQARF Site Final Remedial Investigation Report & Feasibility Study Work Plan