Wildfire Smoke Forecast

Activated Wildfire Smoke Forecasts

Currently, there are no activated wildfire smoke forecasts.

About The Wildfire Smoke Forecasts

ADEQ provides wildfire smoke forecasts when Arizona wildfires have the potential for extended air quality impacts as determined in coordination with Federal/State Land Managers.

ADEQ's smoke forecasts typically are not provided for wildfires that are shorter in duration or which occur in remote locations, away from populated areas.

To inform health and safety considerations and support decision-making related to wildfires, smoke forecasts provide both community members and wildfire managers with information about:
  • Who is managing the wildfire and how to get in touch,
  • Which communities may be affected by smoke,
  • Where smoke is coming from and how long it is expected to last,
  • Recommendations about when to limit outdoor activity, and
  • Helpful resources including fact sheets, frequently asked questions and other resources related to land managers and other agencies.
When activated, online smoke forecasts will be available 24/7 and updated daily each morning to provide information about expected smoke impacts for the next 48-hours. ADEQ will provide smoke forecasts until data show significantly reduced risk of health impacts.

For an explanation of the smoke forecast and how it may be used | View Wildfire Smoke Forecast Guide >